Taking Your Business Online

This workshop is designed to give you the knowledge, strategies and tools to grow your business online.


The topics covered include:

·      Operating your Business in a Digital World: How digital technologies are impacting the way businesses operate.

·      Digital Strategy: What a digital strategy is and the elements you need to consider when developing your digital strategy.

·      Website Best Practice: Comparing your website against best practice and what improvements you need to make.

·      Ecommerce: Investigating the different ways your business can sell online.

·      Mobile Apps: How mobile apps can support your business operations.

·      Business Processes Automation: Automating business processes to increase efficiencies within your business.

·    Risk Management: Protecting your business in a digital world.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Thursday 26th May   Martin .J. Hynes 5  Market Place Hamilton.

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Please note: Face to face workshop will be held at Martin. J. Hynes under Covid conditions. 

Beginner SEO Part 2: How to write content with the keywords & build links

Are you ready to level up your SEO expertise after completing Beginner SEO: Technical & Keyword workshop?

You’re in the right place. In this comprehensive two hour session, you’ll learn how to take the target keywords your customers are searching for, and turn it into content that ranks.

You’ll also learn all of the onpage SEO elements you need to include in your content to catch Google’s attention, plus how to research relevant topics to include in your content for higher ranking. Finally, you’ll be taught how to build links to your content – and importantly, how to promote it.

Online Workshop
10th May at 12 pm 

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Repurposing Content: How to Save Time on Social Media | Digital Solutions program

Do you struggle to come up with content ideas and write posts on Instagram and Facebook?

Social media is a crucial and powerful marketing platform for any business, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the thought of having to keep up!

In this workshop, we’ll teach you one of the most useful marketing hacks: how to repurpose your existing content to make writing social media posts easy. You’ll also learn how to use SEO tools to find out what your customers want to learn about your business and industry, how to write a functional blog post quickly, how to schedule social content with affordable software, and how to multiply one piece of content into 20 social media posts.

You’ll leave with a new lease on social media marketing.

Online Workshop
Date: May 13th at 12 pm

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Intellectual Property: How to Protect your Brand, Idea or Creation | Digital Solutions program

This session will give you the tools you need to help understand the basics of trade marks, designs, copyright, patents and trade secrets so you can understand how intellectual property (IP) can apply to your business and what your next steps might be to safeguard your IP assets. There will be a particular focus on brand selection and protection in Australia and overseas where workshop participants will learn: 

– Why branding is so important and how to select and build a strong brand

– The importance of clearance searches prior to launching a new brand or entering a new market

– Top tips for protecting your key brands, including logos and taglines

– How registering your valuable trade mark rights can protect your brand from misuse

Online Workshop
Date: May 17th at 12 pm

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Social Media Marketing 101 | Digital Solutions program

Social media can help your small business maintain customer connections. Build significant networks by establishing a presence where your potential customers congregate on social media. Creating an account is the first step, but this workshop will teach you the ins-and-outs of posting, connecting, and managing your social media accounts.

Learn which social media platforms are best for finding your target audience, the intricacies of each channel for business, and how to increase brand loyalty and boost web traffic.

Here’s a quick taste of some of the topics we’ll discuss:
– Why social media is important for small business
– Which platforms will drive the most customers to your small business
– Creating a content distribution strategy to maintain a consistent brand
– Utilising social media management tools to schedule posts and analyse performance

This online workshop is for small business owners who want to:
– Learn about the various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
– Create and optimise social media profiles/pages for their small business
– Walk away with practical knowledge and the confidence to use social media!

Register for this online workshop to take advantage of social media and improve the online reach of your small business!

Online Workshop
Date : May 31st at 12pm

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Business Resilience Workshops

Digital Solutions Victoria presents a dedicated series of live events to inspire, educate and empower SMEs to succeed in the current landscape.

Delivered statewide throughout April and May 2022, the showcase highlights the rising digital opportunities for small businesses – and how best to prepare, pivot, and profit from them.

With the impacts of COVID-19 still playing out, industry leaders share stories and insights into implementing small shifts for progressive change in this new collective frontier.


Small Business Mentoring Service Clinics

Remote mentoring sessions (telephone, Skype etc.) are being offered to clients during the Coronavirus pandemic. This free program is available to all Southern Grampians Businesses

Upskill My Business

Upskill My Business connects you to short courses, online events and resources from the state’s top education providers and industry experts. Courses on offer can help you regain ground to find more customers, better manage cash flow or just prepare for new market conditions.