Mental Health Planning

How to develop a mental health plan for your business.

Digital Hub to Support Mental Health in Small Business

This digital hub will offer much-needed support for small businesses mental health through any adverse event and more so during the COVID-19 recovery period.

Small Business Wellbeing Website

Support for your mental health and wellbeing
during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond

Get on Top of Mental Health in your Business

Is business stressing you out?

You are waiting for your next invoice to be paid so you can afford to pay your staff? You’re not alone.

With many small business owners focused on trying to get their businesses through this challenging period and looking after their family and staff, you might not have prioritised your mental health. 

Creating a mental health plan is one way to make sure you have practical strategies to call on, to look after yourself and your staff as you plan for business continuity and recovery. 

To develop the guide, we have consulted with stakeholders, including Beyond Blue, the outcome of which is a user-friendly guide that helps business owners: 

  • identify stressors that might come up
  • recognise changes in themselves that signal when they might need extra support 
  • plan actions they can take in response like getting accurate information about supports, including help to resolve a small business dispute or a rent dispute between a commercial tenant and landlord.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the development of a mental health plan in your workplace, please contact Council’s Business Development Officer, Daniel Shaw, via or 0429 578 216.